IG unit

Insulating glass is anew excellent sound and heat insulationbuilding materials with frost-proof, moisture-proof, wind resistance strength, beautiful and suitable, and can reduce the weight of the building. It is made of two (or three) pieces of glass with high strength and high gas-tight composite binder, glass and aluminum frame containing a desiccant bonded with high performance insulation.Beautiful appearance of lightweight of insulating glass curtain wall, is not pollution, save energy, room warm in winter and cool in summer, greatly improving the living environment.Insulated glass performance is superior to ordinary double glazing, has been recognized by countries around the world, consumption is also growing, correspond to the two-component silicone sealant and demand for more and more.

The main role of hot melt butyl rubber in insulating glass is to prevent water or inert gases in and out of the glass cavity, and provides a certain degree of shear strength and bond strength.

Two-component silicone insulating adhesive for insulating glass two seals, products with high strength, high adhesion and excellent resistance to weathering, resistance to high and low temperature performance, resistance to ozone, UV and water resistant joint movement capability, fast curing, pollution-free, products of excellent performance.

Two-component silicone insulating adhesive for insulating glass two seals

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