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Silicone sealant application for door and window

Most of modern doors and windows are aluminum, and filling the gaps between aluminum and glass will use the silicone sealant products. After silicone sealant curing completely, glass and aluminum becomes a whole system through the sealant sealing which has good adhesion and excellent resistance to weatherproofing, resistance to high and low temperature performance, resistance to ozone, UV-resistant and waterproof sealing.

Silicone rubber seal application

Rubber seal in plastic-steel doors & windows and aluminum doors & windows plays an important role of waterproofing, sealing, energy saving, noise insulation, dust-proofing, antifreeze and keeping warm. It must have a high tensile strength, good elasticity; also need good temperature resistance and aging resistance.

The advantages of silicone rubber material: excellent resistance to high and low temperature, can be long-term use  during -60℃~+250℃ (or higher temperature);Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, UV-resistant and aging; Safe to use, silicone dioxide stay to be insulators after combustion flame, with good retardant performance; Good sealing performance; Good resistance to compression deformation; Transparent, easy to paint.

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