How to use structural silicone sealant in high temperature weather?

With the continuous rise of temperature, the humidity in the air is increasing, which will have an impact on the curing of silicone sealant products. Because the curing of sealant needs to rely on the moisture in the air, the change of temperature and humidity in the environment will have a great impact on the use of silicone sealant products. Sometimes, there will be some large and small bubbles on the glue joint. After cutting, the interior is hollow. The bubbles in the sealant will reduce the structural viscosity of the sealant and greatly reduce the sealing effect.

Construction sequence of structural sealant (structural sealant for curtain wall, secondary structural sealant for hollow, etc.):

1. Cleaning the substrate

In summer, the temperature is high and the cleaning solvent is volatile, so attention should be paid to the impact on the cleaning effect.

2. Apply primer liquid

In summer, the temperature and humidityare high, and the primer is easily hydrolyzed and loses its activity in the air. Care should be taken to inject glue as soon as possible after applying the primer .At the same time, it should be noted that when taking the primer, the number of times and time the primer is exposed to air should be reduced as much as possible, and it is best to use small turnover bottles for dispensing.

3. Injection

After the glue is injected, the weather-resistant sealant cannot be applied on the outside immediately, otherwise, the curing speed of the structural sealant will be seriously reduced.

4. Trimming

Trimming should be done immediately after the glue injection is completed. Trimming facilitates the contact between the sealant and the side of the interface. 5. Records and identification After the above procedures are completed, record and label in time. 6. Maintenance The single element must be cured for sufficient time under static and unstressed conditions to ensure that the structural sealant produces sufficient adhesion.

Post time: Apr-07-2022