Fireproof Polyurethane Foam

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SIWAY FR PU FOAM is multi purpose, filling and insulation foam which carries DIN4102 standards. it carries fire retardancy(B2). It is fitted with a plastic adapter head for use with a foam application gun or a straw. The foam will expand and cure by moisture in the air. It is used for a wide range of building applications. It is very good for filling and sealing with excellent mounting capacities, high thermal and acoustical insulation. It is environmental friendly as it does not contains any CFC materials.

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Product Description

1.B2 fire rating.
2. Strong surfaces after cured.
3. High yield-up to 50L.

1. Flxing and insulating of door and window frames.
2. Insulating of pipes and filling of holes and gaps .
3. Fulling of joints and installation of electrical wiring.
4. Fixing and insulating wall panels. corrugated sheets.

1. Remove the dust, greasy dirt on the surface before construction.
2. Spray a little water on construction surface when the humidity is below 50 degrees, otherwise the heartburn or punch phenomenon will appear .
3. The flow rate of the foam can be adjusted by the control panel.
4. Shake the container for 1 minute before using, connect material container with spray gun or spray pipe, the filler content is 1/2 of the gap.
5. Use dedicated cleaning agent to clean the gun Surface drying time is about 5 minutes, and it can be cut after 30 minutes, after 1 hour the foam will be cured and achieve stable in 3-5 hours.
6. This product is not UV-proof, so it is suggested to be cut and coated after the foam curing (such as cement mortar, coatings, etc.)
7. Construction when temperature is lower than -5℃, to ensure the material can be exhausted and increase the foam expansion, it should be heated by 40 ℃ to 50 ℃ warm water

12month: keep it upright position between +5℃ and +25℃

750ml/can, 500ml/can,12pcs/ctn for both Manual type and Gun type.
Gross weight is 350g to 950g upon requested.

1. Store the product in a dry, cool and atmospheric place with temperature under 45℃.
2. The after-use container is forbidden to be burnt or punctured.
3. This product contains micro harmful element, has certain stimulation to eyes, skin and respiratory system, In case the foam sticks to eyes, washing the eyes with clean water immediately or follow the doctor’s advice, washing the skin with soap and clean water if touching the skin.
4. There should be atmospheric condition in construction site, the constructor should wear work gloves and goggles, don’t be close to combustion source and don’t smoke.
5. It is forbidden to invert or side lay in storage and transportation. (long inversion can cause valves blocking)

Typical Properties

Base Polyurethane
Consistency Stable Foam
Curing System 8~15
Tack-Free Time (min) Curing System
Drying Time Dust-free after 20-25 min.
Cutting Time (hour) 1 (+25℃)

3~4 (+5℃)

Yield (L) 45
Shrink None
Post Expansion None
Cellular Structure 70~80% closed cells
Specific Gravity (kg/m³) 25
Temperature Resistance -40℃~+90℃
Application Temperature Range +5℃~+35℃
Color Champagne
Fire Class (DIN 4102 ) B2
Insulation Factor (Mw/m.k) <20
Compressive Strength (kPa) >180
Tensile Strength (kPa) >30 (10%)
Adhesive Strengh(kPa) >120
Water Absorption (ML) 1%Volume

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