SIWAY Newly Developed Product–SV 322 A/B Two Compound Condensation Type Fast Curing Silicone Adhesive

RTV SV 322 is a two-component condensation type silicone adhesive rubber that cures at room temperature. It is commonly used for bonding and sealing applications in various industries.


Here are some key features and benefits of this adhesive:

Fast curing: RTV SV 322 cures quickly at room temperature, allowing for efficient and timely bonding and sealing.


Ethanol small molecule release: This adhesive releases ethanol small molecules during the curing process, which helps prevent corrosion of the material being bonded.


Soft elastomer: After curing, RTV SV 322 forms a soft elastomer, providing flexibility and allowing for movement and expansion of bonded parts.


Excellent resistance: This adhesive offers excellent resistance to cold and heat alternating, making it suitable for applications where temperature fluctuations occur.


Anti-aging and electrical insulation: RTV SV 322 exhibits anti-aging properties, ensuring long-term durability. It also provides electrical insulation, making it suitable for electrical and electronic applications.


Good moisture resistance: This adhesive has good resistance to moisture, preventing water or moisture penetration and maintaining the integrity of the bond.


Shock resistance and corona resistance: RTV SV 322 is designed to withstand shocks and vibrations, making it suitable for applications where mechanical stress is present. It also exhibits corona resistance, making it suitable for high-voltage applications.


Adhesion to various materials: This adhesive can adhere to most materials, including metal, plastic, ceramics, and glass. However, for materials like PP and PE, a specific primer may be required to enhance adhesion. Additionally, flame or plasma treatment on the surface of the material can also improve adhesion.

Part A  
Appearance  Black sticky
Base Polysiloxane
Density g/cm3  (GB/T13354-1992)       1.34
Extrusion rate*0.4MPa air pressure, nozzle diameter, 2mm    120 g
Part B  
Appearance      white paste
Base         Polysiloxane
Density g/cm3  (GB/T13354-1992) 1.36
Extrusion rate*0.4MPaair pressure, nozzle diameter 2mm         150 g
Mix Properties  
Appearance Black or Gray paste
Volume ratio  A:B=1 : 1
Skin time, min 5~10
Initial molding time, mins 30~60
Complete hardening time, h 24

According to some characteristics of SV322, it is often used for:

1. Household appliances: RTV SV 322 is commonly used in microwave ovens, induction cookers, electric kettles, and other household appliances. It provides a reliable seal and bond, ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of these appliances.


2. Photovoltaic modules and junction boxes: This adhesive is suitable for bonding and sealing photovoltaic modules and junction boxes. It offers excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations and moisture, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the solar panels.


3. Automotive applications: RTV SV 322 can be used in car lights, skylights, and interior parts. It provides a strong bond that can withstand vibrations, temperature changes, and exposure to various environmental conditions.


4. High-efficiency air filters: This adhesive is also used in the manufacturing of high-efficiency air filters. It helps to create a secure seal, preventing air leakage and ensuring the effectiveness of the filter.

In all of these applications, RTV SV 322 provides reliable adhesion, resistance to temperature and moisture, and durability. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when using RTV SV 322 or any other adhesive.

As the global construction industry has become more and more mature, the R&D and innovative technologies of various brands in construction adhesives have also become mature.

Siway not only focuses on construction adhesives, but is also committed to providing sealing and bonding solutions for packaging, electronic appliances, automobiles and transportation, machinery manufacturing, new energy, medical and health, aerospace and other fields.

Post time: Nov-09-2023